IU Health Ball Memorial Success Story

The Situation

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital (IU Health) recognized the need for an in-house provider of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) as this was not a core business for them.  As an industry thought leader in putting patient care first, the hospital recognized that a partnership with a DME company may be a strategic choice to improve patient satisfaction and care.

The Solution

Home Health Depot consulted with IU Health to understand the specific products they wished to stock, and met with administrative staff to create a process for equipment selection and tracking.  Finally, Home Health Depot created a storage center within the hospital where therapists can easily select the product they feel is needed for their patients. Home Health Depot completes a weekly inventory count and restocks products as needed. Home Health Depot also provides integral support to patients by billing insurance on their behalf for their medical equipment purchases.

The Results

The goals of the program were to improve overall patient satisfaction through the discharge process and while healing at home, which ultimately will improve patient outcomes. These goals were reached as therapists can now train their patients on the exact equipment the patient will be going home with, and as a result they can feel confident in their patient's ultimate success utilizing the product. IU Health benefits from the cost savings achieved by having no inventory costs associated with the program, and administrative burdens have been decreased significantly. Most importantly, patients enjoy a quicker discharge from the hospital and the transition from hospital to home is much easier.

Are you a hospital that owns your own DME Company?

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