Resources that Instill Confidence and Enable Independence

For Caregivers

Your loved one’s health and happiness is top of mind, always.  

As a caregiver, we can appreciate the lengths you go to in order to create a safe, healthy, and comfortable home for your loved one.  Even though you wouldn’t have it any other way, caring for a loved one who is facing a medical issue or ongoing or chronic illness can be overwhelming and stressful at times.

Whether the role of caregiver is a new one or one that you have played for some time, we hope these resources make providing support to your loved one a little easier.

For Patients

Your health, independence and safety are our primary goals.  Beyond providing product selection assistance and ongoing service, we hope to provide useful resources and supporting materials that will help you even further.

Did You Know?

29% of adults in the US provide care, assistance, and support for a loved one or family member.  Source, National Alliance for Caregivers

12.1% of Americans have a disability.  - Source, 2008 Disability Status Report - United States