Mobility Achieved At Home & On the Go

Mobility for seniors can start to be a real concern, both when you’re inside your home as well as when you wish to leave it. Such was the case for Home Health Depot patient, Mr. Adam Krivoshia.  

Adam learned about Home Health Depot after noticing the company had helped a neighbor add some accessibility features to their home. He contacted Home Health Depot to discuss ways in which they could improve access to certain areas of his own home, and also aid him in coming and going more easily.

The first step was an in-home evaluation, which quickly uncovered that the lower level of Adam’s home was very difficult for him to access. In fact, Adam admitted he hadn’t been able to access the lower level of his home for over a year. The Home Health Depot team installed a curved stair lift which now allows Adam to come and go to his lower level with ease.  

Next, the Home Health Depot team evaluated Adam’s bathroom, which was primarily the area of the home where most of his falls occured. With safety in mind, the Home Health Depot team installed a bathroom modification which now helps Adam get in and out of the shower without the need to climb over the tub lip. The modification also included a built-in folding seat along with grab bars and a hand held shower.

With Adam’s at-home accessibility much improved, the final step was to discuss how Adam could be more active and independent outside of the home. Now armed with a power scooter and a vehicle lift to get his scooter in and out of his vehicle, Adam can easily get out and about, spend more time with family, and have a sense of independence that he wouldn’t otherwise have.  

“Adam is a true example of an individual who values his independence, and who has taken the steps necessary to ensure he can do the things he wants to do. We admire his initiative, and appreciate the opportunities we’ve had to assist him.” – Jeff Tilford, Home Health Depot